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January 9

Why maintaining a commercial roof is important to a building owner

As energy and maintenance costs soar, it is increasingly important to maintain your commercial properties and the most expensive part always seems to be the roof.. With up to 60% of heat being lost through a building’s fabric, it is no longer an option to delay the implementation of a proactive maintenance plan plus the cost of roof replacement is now getting increasingly dearer due to the new safty regulations and the cost of labour and materials
Although it is always easy to utilise budgets elsewhere and adopt a more reactive approach to roof maintenance, simply waiting until problems occur will not stop that problems occurring, nor will it reduce bottom line costs over the longer term.
This does not necessarily mean that you need to consider roof renewal or replacement though. There are often far more practical and cost efficient solutions amongst the wide range of roof coating products.
In fact, owners adopting a proactive roof maintenance program through the application of roof coating products will see efficiencies of around 40% on their annual budget. It is also documented that the life span of a well maintained roof is up to 40% longer than one left to deteriorate under a reactive maintenance regime.
As long as your roof is structurally sound, roof coating products could resolve many impending or yet to be identified problems.
After application, roof coatings can extend the service life of a roof by up to 25 years as well as providing many other positive attributes. The primary factor would of course be a significant delay in the requirement for total roof replacement. There is also a benefit to the environment because of the delay in creating waste materials that would normally be disposed of in landfills after any roof replacement.
With these considerations, it is clear that roof maintenance should have a high priority on any commercial property owner’s agenda.

Roof Maintenance Coating

In many cases, the solutions need not soak up the entire maintenance budget in one go. In fact, a proactive solution cost can often be recouped within just a few short years through energy efficiencies.
The return on your investment in roof coatings doesn’t stop there either. If your property utilises air-conditioning, then effective implementation of roof coating products such as Noxyde will reduce solar thermal gain during the warmer months of the year. This in turn offsets the need for cooling and ultimately returns a reduction to your energy consumption and organisation’s overall carbon footprint.
To more fully understand the impact of applying roof coatings to your business premises and any ongoing maintenance costs, it might be best to seek the advice of a roof maintenance specialist.
The choice of products is extending as Advances in technical specifications are being made. It is also not just about the roof coating materials though. The characteristics of the building will also have an impact on which materials can be applied.
Ultimately though, your choice of product depends on the type of roof, the available space for coatings and the ease of access by the specialists to the roof area.

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