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November 22

Tips for preserving your roof coating here

Avoid Spending thousands of dollars replacing your roof with our commercial roof paint.

Replacing a  commercial roof can be very expensive and alot of the roofs can be recoating easily and effectively with a proven product.

Before you replace your roof, contact us first for a no obligation phone assessment and if necessary a followup from a contractor nationwide

Deterioration of the paint coating does not necessarily mean replacement. If the roof is not looked after or the roof coating was inferior then damage inside the structure can be evident particularly in areas supporting the roof. The majority of home and commercial building owners do not put much effort into roof maintenance which means in time the most important part of their structure tends to not only look bad but also start to have a detrimental effect on the internal components.
Keeping a roof clean and free of lichen, moss, oxidized paintwork and other debris means preventing corrosion, and this is a necessary roof maintenance procedure for all commercial building owners. As mentioned ignoring it becomes a bad habit and costly.
What they discover later is that neglecting the roof maintenance becomes problematic, to a point where the whole roof could need to be replaced versus just a re coat.

Modern Maintenance Products have been dealing with roof paint, roof maintenance, pool painting, and roof coatings for many years. We have always given New Zealanders advice on how to do roof maintenance and have been servicing this industry since 1993.

Avoid spending thousands of dollars replacing a new roof? By following the instructions below. This will save you money, and keep your commercial roof looking smart and tidy

Cleaning the Roof

This is the first and most crucial step to keeping your roof clean. Using a pressure washer remove all the moss and any debris that maybe on the roof. Do this when required

Inspect the roof

Inspect the roof to see if there are any cracks, broken tiles that may need to be fixed. If there is make sure that you fix the cracks before moving on to the next step. If you cannot fix the roof yourself make sure you get the professionals to do it for you. Never take chances with your safety.

Applying the roof coating

Once everything is checked, cleaned and prepared for painting ensure that the roof has to be 100% dry also. Moisture and condensation can impact on a roof coating bonding. Ensure you check the weather forecast so you can be sure that it will not be raining. We advise that you put on all the necessary safety wear and making sure the all areas are safe before you resume work. At Modern Maintenance we have a wide range of roof paint, which is environmentally friendly and suitable for your roof. Roof paint can help preserve and protect your home and our range of roof coatings can be stylish, and add value to your building. You can pick and choose the colour you want. When choosing roof coatings, make sure you choose a paint that can give you so much more than just looking good. Choose a roof paint that is environmentally friendly, that will protect your valuable asset and if required can keep the temperature in your building stable. Roofs can build heat very quickly in summer so a good quality roof coating needs to withstand not only the rain and wind, but the high temperatures.

We provide roof-painting services for both commercial and residential properties. Our roof paint comes in a variety of ranges and we have  a product suited to your requirements from our diverse roof coating range. Our roof paint is the real deal, you won’t have to worry about water seeping through your roof tiles or other substrates and getting into your valuable asset. Applying quality roof paint  is the best way to protect your roof.

If you want to call the professional to paint your roof, give Modern Maintenance a call today. For more on Roof maintenance click here.


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