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Save up to 50% by coating your roof with Noxyde instead of replacing it.

  1. Proven in the market since 1950
  2. Can be applied directly to prepared rusty steel, and most surfaces.
  3. Preparation by high pressure water blasting, as apposed to abrasive blasting.
  4. Can be applied over prepared sound existing coatings.
  5. Noxyde will remain as a flexible waterproof membrane, with 200% elongation and will not become brittle and cracked.
  6. Excellent adhesion and edge coverage.
  7. Noxyde can be top coated with polyurethane or acrylic coatings for aesthetic appearance or extra protection.

Comes in a variety of colours, and can be factory tinted.
30 years + recorded performance history in NZ, and is still working.

You can even paint an Auckland tram roof with Noxyde



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NOXYDE is New Zealand’s only direct to metal, anti-corrosive, waterproofing, flexible membrane coating, proven in the market since 1950 and used on such a wide variety of applications that we don’t have the room to list them.
NOXYDE  is self priming, and re coat time can be minimal*

The end result for the user is reduced labour costs (up to 50%), reduced  product costs, and more importantly reduced re coat time which saves significant money.

Why wouldn’t you use NOXYDE for your next commercial roofing maintenance programme


Roof Coating Paint NOXYDE

NOXYDE is a High Performance, direct to metal/substrate, labour saving, easy, maintenance coating for every environment and application.
NOXYDE coating for commercial roofs is the leading proven product in New Zealand and as shown opposite is very versatile as NOXYDE  can be painted over most substrates and existing coatings **with minimal preparation.

As shown opposite the versatility of NOXYDE is evident with a direct application to existing asbestos roof substrate.
Always consult with a roofing professional first to ascertain condition or contact our technical team to make enquiries.
You may find the answers in these articles here
*Subject to temperatures
** Conditions apply

Recoating Asbestos Roofs

Asbestos roof before Coating is applied

After Noxyde is applied

After Noxyde is applied