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March 15

Roofs that need waterproofing are no longer a problem


Paihia lashed by cyclone Lusi

Modern Maintenance products have been in roof coatings since 1993 and we believe that the products we promote are the best in the industry.
Proven in New Zealand as the most reliable and rugged products to cope with New Zealand’s harsh conditions. Sun, salt, wind and the odd cyclone thrown into the mix, mean New Zealand’s roof coating paints need to be the very best. At MMP coatings (Modern Maintenance Products) we have the range to help you with any requirement for commercial roofs or domestic roofs even if they are rusty.

The photo shown is Paihia getting bashed by cyclone Lusi proving just how rugged New Zealand’s conditions can be
Photo Courtesy of TVNZ

What roof coating paint to use??

A common question our contract roof coating applicators and coatings end users get is what is the best waterproofing paint that we offer? This needs more qualification to answer as a water proof coating such as a roof coating can vary from something that is a continually submerged with high exposure to salt water through to a domestic home looking to run water into a water tank. The waterproof coating we would use may differ by the application and we would recommend a different product.

There are three very important questions that come into play when evaluating what type of a waterproof coating (or waterproof paint as some people like to refer to it) is needed. The answer to these questions will help our paint and coating technicians give you the best product.

No 1. Is the area being waterproofed going to be subjected to continual ponding of water or is it only when it rains? You can see in the image below that the drainage is quite poor and the potential for ponding is significant
roof coatings auckland


No 2. What is the substrate that the coating will be going on? For example is a roofing bitumen that is existing or a epoxy coating?

No 3. What condition is the substrate in and the existing coating?

These are just a few things to consider. the best bet is to speak with one of our expert paint coating sales technicians before purchasing and get some expert advice.

Waterproofing paint comes in a variety of brands and a variety of applications so always contact one of the sales team first before purchasing.

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