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December 22

What to look for in a roof before re-coating



Before coating a roof there are some vital criteria required to ensure the job is a success.

1) Roof Assessment – Corrosion

It is very important to access the under side of existing metal roofs for any corrosion. Minimal exterior corrosion can be dealt with at preparation time, however corrosion underneath the roof need specialist repairers. Always check along the drip line of the guttering also for corrosion and consult a roofing specialist if corrosion is present as slip sheets may be required.

2) Roof Assessment – Fastening
Check all flashing and fasteners to make sure they are intact and sound, as building movement can impact on a coating stability. Look for fasteners that have lost their heads through rust, or damaged by impact. These fastenings must be fixed correctly first by an approved Roof Coating repair expert.

3) Loose debris – Removal
After you have inspected the roof fastenings you then need to waterblast the roof to remove light rust and any remaining debris. Look carefully for any oil contamination’s which will need a detergent to remove and then a thorough fresh water rinse afterwards to remove any detergent residues. Use a waterblaster with 5000PSI and waterblast the roof thoroughly.


If you are using a roof contractor Always check the your roofing repair contractor is approved by the industry association. If you do not know of a good applicator please contact us and we can refer to one of the applicators that using our roofing products

4) Existing Coating – Removal
If there is an existing coating, then it is crucial that any loose and flaky paint is removed. Using a waterblaster with a minimum 5000PSI, waterblast the existing coating thoroughly and ensure all loose substrates are removed. The manufacturer will guarantee the performance of Noxyde if applied over an existing paint system that has been prepared correctly and all remains of the surface are sound. For any further info on this please contact our technicians and we can address it more specifically.

5) Application .
Spray apply two coats of Noxyde at 300 microns wet film per coat. This comes to approximately 175 microns of dry film per coat. We recommend not less than 350 microns on the dry finished coat for exteriors buildings.

6). Water Ponding
If the roof coating is likely to have continuous ponding of water then use the Flamenco roof coating product range. Roof maintenance is always key after applying the roof coating.

Modern Maintenance are a proven supplier of durable and proven roofing membranes that are firmly secured to a substrate to provide protection, waterproofing, anti-corrosion and resistance from the weather. The roof coatings in Auckland are designed to be resistant to UV and large volumes of rain water whereas other parts of the country may have sub zero temperatures to deal with or high salt components. Due to the construction materials used in New Zealand the roof coatings need to be flexible, have the ability to stretch and be very resistant to the weather.

For more examples of products in use for roof coatings please click here

At Modern Maintenance Products we sell two main products for roofing. Noxyde and Flamenco are our most popular roof products that we sell in Auckland. Flamenco range of coatings.

FLAMENCO is a proven moldable plastic bitumen liquid waterproof coating designed for extreme Auckland and New Zealand conditions. It is a perfect product for flat roofs that hold water.


Noxyde is New Zealands only anti-corrosive and waterproof coating with history back to 1993


 Noxyde: Roof Coatings Go to product for corrosion prevention and waterproofing

Noxyde has 20% elongation at the thickest part and will not become brittle. Noxyde will remain flexible and is New Zealands only waterproofing membrane that is also anti-corrosive. Call the experts the first time at Modern Maintenance Products.

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