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July 9

How do You Apply Elastomeric Roof Coating

Applying elastomeric roof paint needs a thorough preparation first to ensure the product lasts for a long time. Here are some tips to help in the preparation.

Preparation of your roof is critical and please feel free to contact us to get the correct roof coating preparation procedure.

Things You’ll Need

1. Wire brush and power tools
2. Water blaster
3. Brushes and roller for priming rust spots
4. Airless spray unit to coat the entire roof

After Noxyde is applied

Instructions on how to prepare a roof for painting

Step One.
Hand or power tool clean the roof  to remove any flaky paint or heavily oxidised areas that are not sound.
Step two. 
Water blast the prepared surface to remove all remaining dust and contaminants such as bird feaces, dirt, construction dust, road grime and others, leaving a clean dry surface to work on.  Let the roof dry out thoroughly before applying the flexible coating. We recommend NOXYDE coating from MMP coatings in Auckland as this is proven in the New Zealand (and overseas) markets since 1993.
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Step 3.
Prime the meta roof or other surface areas with NOXYDE and allow to cure. Rust bleed through the primer coat is perfectly normal and will not affect the coating performance.
Step 4.
Apply two top coats to the roof and leave to cure

Noxyde is a single component, odourless waterbased product that can be washed up in water, has excellent shelf life, and a 30 year plus recorded performance history for complete corrosion protection without losing its flexibility.

How Long Does Elastomeric Roof Coating Last?

Protecting a roof and keeping it looking good for long periods is important to landlords and building owners. A roof is an investment as is the building and a solid robust coating is critical to provide protection and maintain the buildings value. Maintaining  a roof to keep it free from corrosion and the weather elements is equally important and one consideration that is often overlooked is the flexibility of the paint coating used when the application is being done. Typically in the roof section for most buildings, the roofing substrates are made from flexible components such as aluminum frame and wood and these will move. Therefore it is critical to have a roof paint coating that not only protects the roof but also has some stretch in it to ensure it keeps protecting your roof for the years to come.

This leads us in to the question of how long a flexible roof coating should last.  Quite often we see Elastomeric Roof Coatings that oxidise from the salt laden sea air,  and UV from the sun.  Commercial grade elastomeric roof paint applied by a professional roofing contractor typically last well however 80% of the failures are due to poor installation and this will impact on the time the coating last for.


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