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September 15

Encapsulating Asbestos Roofs that are still in good condition

Can I re coat an Asbestos Roof?

So often, perfectly sound asbestos super six roofs are removed and replaced with iron, because Building Owners are often told that their roof is not sound anymore and is a health hazard.

In a number of cases, this can be true but before the Owner embarks on this expensive exercise, they should get an approved asbestos Consultant to give them the correct advice as to the actual state of the roof. You will find that existing asbestos roofs have probably been in place for many years, and in the case of the New Zealand Naval Dockyards the material had weathered and protected their facilities for close on 65 years, right on the coast in the most severe environment, with no corrosion or breakdown of the substrate
This was not taken into account when Consultants advised them that it must be removed. The cost of maintaining that particular asbestos roof would have been minimal, but now that it has all been replaced with iron, the costs of maintaining it for the next 65 years, will more than likely be substantial.


So what are the alternatives?

If your roof is not breaking down with fibres coming away from the substrate and is still in a sound state, then why not encapsulate the surface. Asbestos does not corrode, create condensation, is a good acoustic insulator and will therefore withstand a chloride laden coastal environment. Because asbestos is subjected to thermal expansion, it is important that you do not apply a rigid protective coating or material such as fiberglass, as this can cause the roof sheets to crack. A flexible protective membrane that has memory, is the ideal encapsulation membrane and that is why Noxyde anti-corrosion, waterproofing membrane is an ideal choice and solution.

The asbestos substrate does require an anti mould and fungal treatment before this can take place, and the roof fasteners also require checking before Noxyde is applied with an airless spray, in a two coat application. Noxyde does not become BRITTLE and will remain flexible for in excess of 30 years, and this has been recorded historically. The cost savings can be substantial and a 65 year old asbestos roof could probably go another 65 years without replacement. The Noxyde keeps the asbestos dry so no further moisture ingression and surface growth.

In summary, if you have a large asbestos roof, don’t be talked into its replacement with a product that will potentially corrode and require anti-corrosion maintenance on it for its service life.

We can put you in contact with qualified asbestos Consultants who are familiar with the encapsulation process, and can give you sound advice as to whether your asbestos roof can be salvaged.

If it is not in good condition, then you will be advised to replace it. If it has not cost you anything to maintain, don’t be sold a roof that will!!

Contact us with your asbestos roofing details and a proper assessment can be arranged



Before spending any money on removing iron roofs or asbestos roofs speak with the roofing experts first at MMP Coatings (Modern Maintenance Products)

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