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February 10

Can I paint over a rusted roof?

A common question we get is how to paint over rust, particularly rusted roofs.

The good news is we have a special product designed for repainting corroded roofs called Noxyde and it has been in the New Zealand market since 1993.
Noxyde from Rustoleum has protected some of New Zealand’s most famous roofs including the Auckland Museum and thousands of commercial buildings throughout New Zealand

Noxyde also protects some of the exterior surfaces of the famous Skytower in Auckland to prevent corrosion from the salt laden sea air.

The majority of individuals understand how devastating rust is to metal, so discovering a rusted location on your metal roofing iron can be soul destroying and up until now it has meant a roof replacement at huge expense
Before you replace your roof talk with us as we have alot of experience in rusty roof coatings and a huge range of suitable products to accommodate all applications>

While you cannot remove the damaged iron totally, you can utilise special paint coatings to stop the rust dead in its tracks and avoid more damage plus get a solid durable coating on that will last for many years . Our roof maintenance and roof coating product  Noxyde is flexible (up to 200%) and fully waterproof when applied as per the instructions.

how to paint over rust

Intend on painting as quickly as possible after you notice the rust, doing this will nip the trouble in the bud and give your rusted metal roof a much-needed new look.

The best ways to Paint Rusted Metal Easily

Preparation of your roof is critical and please feel free to contact us to get the correct roof coating preparation procedure.

Things You’ll Need

1. Wire brush and power tools
2. Water blaster
3. Brushes and roller for priming rust spots
4. Airless spray unit to coat the entire roof

After Noxyde is applied

After Noxyde is applied

Instructions on how to paint over rust

Step One.
Hand or power tool clean the rusty metal to remove any flaky rust and unsound paint.
Step two. 
Water blast clean the prepared surface to remove all remaining dust and contaminants, leaving a clean dry surface.  Let the roof dry out thoroughly before applying NOXYDE coating.
Step 3.
Prime the rusted areas with NOXYDE and allow to cure. Rust bleed through the primer coat is perfectly normal and will not affect the coating performance.
Step 4.
The most cost effective method of applying the Noxyde coating is with an approved airless spray unit.
The coating will be applied in two coats to achieve a minimum dry film thickness of 350 microns forming a thick polymer rubber membrane that will allow for 200% elongation and will handle any thermal expansion when the roof heats up in the sun.

Noxyde is a single component, odourless waterbased product that can be washed up in water, has excellent shelf life, and a 30 year plus recorded performance history for complete corrosion protection without losing its flexibility.


Here is a video showing how to use an airless spray gun with Noxyde

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