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April 18

Benefits of applying an industrial roof coating to a commercial building

When clients come to us asking about their roofing needs, we highly recommend our  industrial roof coating Applicators applying anyone of our proven roof coating products.

The key benefits of coating and maintaining a roof, far outweigh the cost of repair further down the line.

Here’s a list of benefits from coating your commercial building with our industrial roof paint.

Facility managers will often report a reduction in energy usage after applying  a light or dark proven industrial roof coating. Companies find that there’s less need for air conditioning in summer as the coating reflects heat and light away from the roof.

With its elastic properties, commercial roof coatings also allows for movement due to temperature changes. So, apart from adding comfort to your employees’ environment, it also decreases the cost of your energy bill.


Not only this, but when roof coating is applied correctly, it can add years of life to your roof – this means less maintenance, less equipment needed, and less cost.

There are two ways to look at your environmental impact on your building and in the community’s eye.

In terms of your building, a proven roof coating provides a top layer of protection against New Zealand’s harsh weather conditions, including UV rays, rain, hail and other physical damage.


Workers can also identify signs of algae and moss growth, avoiding onset problems such as mold and corrosion issues.

Looking to your community, New Zealand’s Ministry for the Environment predicts 50 per cent of the country’s waste may come from construction and demolition. Correctly applied, roof coatings can help maintain aging roof, preventing the need to remove and dispose of old insulation and roofing membrane, and filling up your local landfill.


The first thing clients and customers see when they arrive to your offices is the exterior. Patchy, UV stained roofs are not showcasing your brand in a good light.

Companies are using their buildings as an extension of their marketing, and a professional coating of the brand’s key colour sends a striking message to visitors.

Consider the head office of NZ Post and its striking red roof, or PAK‘nSAVE’s immediately recognisable bright yellow exterior – both use a simple colour to imprint their brand into people’s minds.


What are you waiting for?
Our list of benefits explores the detail on why roof coating and quality commercial and industrial roof paint  is important, and outlines what most companies want to know about the long-term effects.

We feel it’s important to enforce this message: protect your investment now, and avoid expensive problems down the line.

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